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Ethicon CDH29A

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Descriptions Ethicon CDH29A

This is what Ethicon has to say about the CDH29A Stapler: The PROXIMATE ILS Staplers are anastomotic staplers available in four sizes to permit proper matching of instrument to lumen diameter. The staplers permit tissue attachment to a detachable anvil head to improve access and ease of use.
The instruments allow the surgeon to control tissue compression by adjusting the height of the closed staple. These circular staplers have been designed to facilitate ease of insertion, operation, and removal.
The PROXIMATE ILS Curved and Straight Intraluminal Staplers have application throughout the alimentary tract for end-to-end, end-to-side, and side-to-side anastomoses, and throughout the anal canal to perform surgical treatment for hemorrhoidal disease.
Circular stapler, curved. Largest diameter knife blade; lumen up to 30%larger than equivalent circular staplers. Cutting washer provides audible, tactile “crunch” when stapler fired. Adjusting knob offers smooth tissue compression control.
Controlled tissue compression enables surgeon to control staple height for good tissue management. 5.5mm staple leg length accommodates thick tissue with the longest staple length commercially available. Low profile anvil head for easy access into proximal bowel. Detachable anvil head assembly for better tissue attachment.
Gap setting scale shows acceptable range of tissue thickness. Length: 21mm – CDH21 – , 25mm – CDH25 – , 29mm – CDH29 – , 33mm – CDH33 – Available Sizes: 21mm – CDH21 – , 25mm – CDH25 – , 29mm – CDH29 – , 33mm – CDH33 – Knife Blade: 12.4mm – CDH21 – , 16.4mm – CDH25 – , 20.4mm – CDH29 – , 24.4mm – CDH33

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