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Carestream DVE

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Descriptions Carestream DVE

Our DryView Laser Imaging Films combine the advantages of dry laser imaging with your choice of clear or blue tone images—which provide the aesthetic and diagnostic qualities you expect from Carestream Health. Our blue-tinted film offers a popular cool, black image tone. Reduced glare and light transmission creates a familiar look and feel for your film and improves perceived image contrast.

DryView Laser Imaging Films provide the superior image capture capabilities radiology professionals demand. With low noise, superb density uniformity and excellent visibility of subtle detail, DryView Film delivers the precision and consistency you need to make accurate diagnoses.

See the Difference

Carestream Health integrates the advantages of dry imaging technology with the crispness of clear or blue-tinted film. Adding blue tint to standard film can brighten the captured images and increase perceived contrast. The result is a precise image you can rely on to make accurate diagnostic readings, with the pleasing, neutral black tones many radiologists prefer.

Product Specifications

Five film sizes for a range of imagers and applications

Choose from five film sizes on 7-mil polyester base to suit your DryView Laser Imager and imaging application, available in DVB+ (enhanced blue) and DVC (clear):

14 x 17 in. (35 x 43 cm.)
14 x 14 in. (35 x 35 cm.)
11 x 14 in. (28 x 35 cm.)
10 x 12 in. (25 x 30 cm.)
8 x 10 in. (20 x 25 cm.)

* Availability of film types and sizes is country dependent.

System-matched to boost productivity

DryView Film is system-matched with DryView Laser Imagers to enable Automatic Image Quality Control (AIQC).
AIQC calibrates DryView Systems to optimize quality–and to help ensure that contrast and density meet preset user preferences.
This quality control is performed with no operator intervention, enhancing productivity.

Storage and handling of film

Just like other photographic films or data-storage materials, DryView Film requires reasonable care during storage and handling. Store unexposed film at 4 to 24 °C (39 to 75 °F), at 30 to 50% RH, and properly shielded from x-rays, gamma rays, or other penetrating radiation in order to achieve consistent results up to the expiration date indicated on the film package.
Tests under ISO (International Standards Organization) methods indicate processed DryView Film is archivable for 100+ years when stored at ISO-recommended maximum temperature 25 °C (77 °F), at 30 to 50% RH– far exceeding requirements for oncology and pediatric applications. Keep processed film in a cool, dry place that is properly shielded from penetrating radiation and chemistry fumes.

For mammography applications, specialized DryView Mammography Laser Imaging Film is available which provides higher maximum density and wider dynamic range.

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