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Agfa Drystar Mammo Film

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Descriptions Agfa Drystar Mammo Film


With D-Max Capability of 3.7 or higher

A dedicated high-density, high-contrast dry film for optimum image quality in digital mammography, designed to be used with the DRYSTAR 4500M imager.
Key benefits:

Flawless image quality for digital mammography.
Outstanding productivity with high-volume use.
Low fog and high contrast.
Extremely cost-effective.
Very easy and convenient to load and use.


Product Description:

Designed for use in combination with Agfa HealthCare’s DRYSTAR 4500M dedicated mammography imager, the DRYSTAR Mammo film produces the very highest diagnostic quality hardcopies, enhancing the perception of details. With its high Dmax (> 4), even the most subtle gray-level changes required for mammography applications can be visualized.
Can be used with following products and services

DRYSTAR 4500M imager.
Suitable for following market segments

Direct thermal printing.


Ideal composition

DRYSTAR Mammo film is composed of a 175 micron-thick PET base and coated with silver salts and a protective layer, making it resistant to scratches and moisture. The PET base with rounded corners ensures that the film can be handled in the same way as regular X-ray films. The silver based imaging layer, which is heat-sensitive not light-sensitive, guarantees low fog and high contrast.
Convenient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective

Dry imaging technology offers very easy and convenient operation. Loading the DRYSTAR Mammo film into the DRYSTAR 4500M imager is as simple as inserting a diskette into your PC.

You don’t need any wet processing or darkroom: eliminating cleaning products, time-consuming adjustments and chemical disposal. In addition, the DRYSTAR Mammo film packaging is fully recyclable.
Smooth workflow, improved productivity

The DRYSTAR 4500M features two film trays, bringing both media sizes (8 x 10″ and 10 x 12″) permanently on-line. This means that films of different formats do not need to be continuously re-loaded, which makes for a smoother workflow. Additionally, the DRYSTAR 4500M’s high throughput of 80 films/hour (for 8 x 10″) and 60 films/hour (for 10 x 12″), ensures improved productivity ideal for high-volume customers.

Technical Specifications:

Standard features
Direct thermal printing
Blue base
Maximum optical density > 4
Daylight film loading (films are insensitive to light)

DRYSTAR 4500M: 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inch), 25 x 30 cm (10 x 12 inch)

100 sheets per box
Shelf life: 18 months after manufacturing date
Storage before use:

Temperature between 4 to 25°C;
The recommended humidity control for DRYSTAR films is between 30 and 60%.

Storage after printing:

Archiving facility complies with ANSI IT 9.11 and IT 9.19, extended term;
Storage minimum 20 years;
Recommendations & carriage to avoid image loss or increased density or discoloration:
avoid storage for a long period of time at >35°C;
avoid dry media on view boxes for a long period of time;
avoid exposure to excessive high temperatures and intense light. Store the images in the original packaging or other appropriate protective film envelopes at max. 25°C.

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